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Sandra Zoetelief tells in 3 minutes about the living conditions in township the Overcome Heights and what Little Superheroes does to improve this.

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For the future of children

We are convinced that each child, wherever in the world, must be raised in good health and safety and should have the opportunity to attend school. Our foundation “Little Superheroes” supports small scale development projects in South Africa, aimed at improving the living standards of children in townships. By providing early childhood education, children get the opportunity to play en learn safely. In addition, this gives parents the time to work or look for a job.


Each child deserves an environment where he or she is not exposed to violance and can play safely and can make friends.


Each child deserves to be fed, clean drinking water and medical care if needed.


Each child deserves access to education to help him/her build a future.

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BySteven Heuft Oct 3, 2018

Little Superheroes @ Papendorpse Run

Op donderdag 27 september werd er bij de Papendorpse Run geld ingezameld voor Little Superheroes. Deelnemers konden per ronde (1,4 km) of voor ee

ByLSH Sep 22, 2018

De Papendorpse Run voor Little Superheroes

Goed nieuws! Donderdag 27 september wordt voor het 4e jaar op rij de Papendorpse Run georganiseerd. Dit jaar rent heel Papendorp voor Stichting